What is MIS? Define the characteristics of MIS? What are the basic Functions of MIS? Give some Disadvantage of MIS?

A management information system (MIS) is a system that provides information needed to manage organizations effectively. [1] Management information systems involve three primary resources: technology, information, and people. Management information systems are distinct from regular information systems in that they are used to analyze other information systems applied in operational activities in the organization.[2] Academically, the term is commonly used to refer to the group of information management methods tied to the automation or support of human decision making, e.g. Decision Support Systems, Expert systems, and Executive information systems.

Characteristics of MIS:
MIS is mainly designed to take care of the needs of the managers in the organization.
MIS aids in integrating the information generated by various departments of the organization.
MIS helps in identifying a proper mechanism of storage of data.
MIS also helps in establishing mechanism to eliminate redundancies in data.
MIS as a system can be broken down into sub systems.

Functions of MIS
Planning and Budget
Research and Development
Service and Support
Support Teams
Help Desk

• Depending on organization deployment, usage and extraneous factors, some disadvantages related to Management Information Systems can come to the fore. Allocation of budgets for MIS upgrades, modifications and other revisions can be quite tricky at times. If budgets are not allocated uniformly or as per immediate requirements, key functionalities might get effected and benefits might not be realized consistently.

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